a bookworm


A few years back, I promised to myself to read at least a book in a month. So it will be 12 books a year. Sounds really good, right?

Sadly I can’t make it true! So I make a new rule to me: at least an article in a week.

As someone said that ”reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are”


*photo taken from pinterest

Coffee Again and Again

Week-end means coffee and tea for both of us. Last week-end we went to a new coffee shop in town. According to him, the ambiance was good, even really good, but the foods were just so so…

For me, this cafe had a nice design and of course it was so ‘insta-genic’! We saw many teenagers who just drink a tea but they took hundreds of photos which I was pretty sure, those photos were downloaded on their social medias. Bofff…

Anyway, the 1st picture below was taken by me, and the 2nd pict was taken by him. I was happy because he finally turned to be a good photographer!! LOL


Meet up with old friends

I am sure life wouldn’t be interesting without friends along for the ride. Friends are like window to see the world outside ours. They introduce us to the diversity of human nature. It really is! At least it happened to me. For almost 22 years I spent my life in Indonesia, then I pursued my master degree in France, what I could see was the diversity!

I experienced a hint of nostalgia. Good people are hard to come by.

Well.. Last days of our end of year holiday, we had a chance to visit Surabaya. Actually it was on the early January ;p A cousin of mon mari just got married and I remembered I have a friend living there. A few weeks before, I texted her.

Then I managed to meet Véronique and Louis, lovebirds whom I knew several years back. I was tremendously happy. It suddenly reminds me of my beautiful days back in France. Véronique introduced me to her whole family who live in one of small yet pretty village in Lorraine ( region of Nancy city), named Lunéville. Almost once in a month, her parents invited me for a lunch, even her grandmother invited me to come for a village celebration. They have a beautiful garden consisted of some vegetable plants and fruits! What I really like the most was their strawberry! I even can still taste it ;))

And yeah.. Here we are!




Anyway, she is now 6 months pregnant! Happy for them.. See you again soon! Well maybe in France someday..?